Bird Droppings Removal

Bird Droppings/Guano Removal Service

Our technicians are fully trained in the removal, cleaning and sanitisation of areas that have been affected by bird droppings.

Bird droppings are very acidic and can result in corrosion of surfaces that permanently damage your building or equipment if it is not dealt with correctly. Particularly sheltered areas that are ideal for roosting such as roofs, balconies, machinery, ventilation systems, and lofts.

Birds also introduce parasites, fleas and ticks into the environment around their nesting areas. This combined with the unpleasant odours that droppings from birds create, presents a risk to human health.

The odour and contaminants can quickly be spread around the building through the ventilation system and inhaling the bacteria and funguses in bird faeces can compromise your immune system causing diseases.

When installing deterrents on the exterior of a building it is critically important to ensure that all areas are cleaned thoroughly prior to the installation of anti-perching products to ensure that the products will adhere to the surface upon which they are installed.  When excluding pigeons from a roof void or similar internal area of a building it is important to remove any build-up of pigeon guano to stop smells and reduce the potential for insect-related problems for occupants.

The safe removal of bird droppings is not only vital to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building or surface it is present on, it also ensures human health issues are eliminated and the life of the surface is prolonged.

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